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“In an ancient country far away, a feared Regent is ruling the land in absence of the King...”
The Secret of the Bread synopsis


‘The secret of the Bread’ is a youth opera project that is currently being written and composed for choir, vocal soloists, symphonic youth orchestra and reciter.

The plot has been conceived and the libretto written out fully by the composer, Dimitri Arnauts, in french heptasyllabic and riming quatrains poetic verses - hereby alluding to the theatrical writing tradition of the french Grand Siècle.

The text of the libretto is to be translated poetically into Portuguese, for the planned premiere of the work in Luanda, Angola.

It will be created in a semi-staged concert version.

The subject of the opera is a new folk tale, aimed at younger audiences, that does not follow the traditional folktale thematic: it is rather an tragic social and human story, of a poor man that commits a crime to escape hunger and poverty, with a story morale that upholds the dignity, the sake, the faith and the destiny of the poorest.

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