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“Let the heavens rejoice, and the earth be glad: and let them say among the nations: The Lord hath reigned.”
1 Chronicles 16:31-33 in The Holy Bible


The website is the result of an artistic collaboration between Angolan lyrical tenor Nelson EBO, and Belgian composer Dimitri ARNAUTS to leverage the combined power of faith in Mankind and its Creator, with the power of the Beauty of Music...

Our shared dream and aim is to inspire people of all ages, creeds and conditions in Angola and across Africa through the power of Music infused and inspired by the treasure and legacy of Faith.

We do not desire to belong to a school, clan, party, sect or side other than that of mercy, love, kindness, care, reconciliation and justice.

​Inspired by the divine vision of the Beatitudes as proclaimed and announced by Jesus Christ two thousand years ago, we want to contribute to a civilization of life, of understanding and respect, and serve with humility and attention the needs and aspirations of the most vulnerable and poorest members of our dear communities.

​We care about nature, about life in all its forms, and want to promote a peaceful, sustainable and generous way of life that ensures the liberty, dignity and prosperity of all people.

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