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Personal Information

All personal data and emails collected through the contact- and other forms on this website will not be shared with any third party - other than when needed to implement the functionalities  and transactions you perform on this site..


Data collected through the newsletter form will only serve the purpose of this newsletter: keeping the subscribers of the mailing list informed about the musical activities of Nelson Ebo

What type of personal data is being collected?


If you subscribed to the newsletter: your full name and email address.

If you filled in and submitted one of the contact forms:


the required fields of that form (if applicable), as:

-  Name

-  Email

-  Company / Organization

-  Work Address

-  City

-  State

-  Zip code

-  Country
-  Message content

and the optional fields you perhaps entered in those forms; as:

-  Cell Phone
-  Home Phone
-  Website
-  Work Phone


To request what data is filed/kept about you, simply send your information request to info(at)


To request that the data about you being filed/kept be removed from our files and databases, simply send your delete request to info(at)

Version of this policy: 28 August 2020. Subject to changes or updates.

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